Wish you could swap your legs for fins? Check out mermaid school.


Have you always dreamed of being a mermaid? Well, dream no more Ariel.

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Because believe it or not, there is a real-live mermaid school right here in Chicago, according to The Weather Channel.

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AquaMermaid is where human swimmers are magically transformed into graceful mermaids, thanks to the most important part of a mermaid: their tails.

And don’t forget the colorful scales and delicate fins.

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There are even classes on basic tail-swimming and no, I am still not making this up.

And if consider yourself an “advanced” mermaid, you can try out different techniques like underwater choreography.

Oh, yes – and Mermen can also join in on the fun.

To learn more, scroll on to view mermaids and mermen in action – courtesy of AquaMermaid.

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