The details behind the death of Kenneka Jenkins continues to unravel as more and more people continue to look for answers in the teenagers death.

Jenkins was reported missing early Saturday morning and was eventually found Sunday morning shortly after midnight.

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Police originally told Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, that she had wandered into a hotel kitchen’s freezer on her own accord, after a night out drinking.

One woman has posted a video (above) of a freezer identical to the one that Jenkins’ body was found in and demonstrated how difficult of a door it is to open normally, let alone if one were intoxicated.

The video also shows how the door doesn’t close automatically, but requires a certain amount of force, and how difficult it would be to close the freezer from inside the freezer.

As the Chicago Tribune has reported, due to increased pressure from protesters, social media, and the family of Kenneka Jenkins, the police will increase efforts in their investigation of the case, and they will share surveillance footage with Martin.

Bradley Stevens, Mayor of Rosemont where the hotel is located, has said that local authorities are working with outside agencies as well.

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Protesters gathered outside of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wednesday night to make sure that police follow through with this investigation properly.

Community activist Jedidiah Brown told CBS 2, “I’m proud that it has blown up to this proportion and that more people are aware.”