In his most recent work out video, you won’t recognize Kyle Schwarber at all!

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kyle Schwarber has allegedly been working out, a lot and losing weight — and a lot.

According to 12UP, Schwarber has hit the ground running during offseason and it could seriously affect his performance on the field.

Schwarber decided to make a lifestyle change to perform at the level he is capable of, according to the outlet.

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And according to the outlet, Scharber is in the gym every day – lifting weights hard and doing cardio/agility.

To watch the video below of the new and improved Kyle Schwarber, scroll on and cue gasps.

According to the outlet, last year – Schwarber hit .211 and showed off what he is capable of by hitting 30 home runs in just 129 games.

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Schwarber’s overall elevated physique will help improve his average as well, according to the outlet.

Schwarber’s new speed may just take turn his singles into doubles and beyond.

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