Yet another proposed tax hike is set to take effect in Cook County, and, even with promising results, residents are bracing for the worst

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Cook County – dubbed ‘Crook County’ because of tax increases and extra expenditures that go along with living in the county – is seeking yet another tax hike.

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Supported by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), officials claim an increase it will save jobs in the area.

The proposed plan, a photo of which was taken at a recent agenda meeting, lists an ideal increase for seven items: sales tax, alcoholic beverages, cigarette and tobacco tax, hotel, amusement tax, parking tax and head tax.

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Some of the proposed increases go as far as doubling the current tax, such as the plan for alcoholic beverages and the amusement tax.

Despite a number of concerns posted by commenters concerned by the proposed increases, the plan is expected to raise more revenue for Fiscal Year 17, and the tentative agenda offered some extra notes for each proposed raise:

The proposed head tax increase, for example, at a prospective $11 per month payroll tax per employee in firms with over 50 employees, is projected to have the largest revenue increase at $326.7 million, according to the plan.

AFSCME says the tax increases are expected to prevent layoffs; County Board President Toni Preckwinkle already claimed the delay in implementing the new soda tax will cost 1,100 Cook County government jobs, and said she sent out about 300 layoff notices.

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After pressure from unions, Cook County residents are preparing for the proposed financial changes.

Stay tuned, you guys.

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