Two chases reportedly kept authorities busy on Tuesday in north Houston and in Splendora, but the situations didn’t end the same way:

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In one chase, police said they tried to pull over a speeding car near Parker Road in north Houston at around 11:30 p.m.

When the driver evaded, however, he led them on an out-of-control chase, which ultimately ended in a fiery crash.

He reportedly hit a side rail, and the car then burst into flames, sending the vehicle airborne into Halls Bayou.

The driver reportedly died in the crash.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day in Splendora, a man said he became targeted by three men after they allegedly watched him withdraw money from a bank.

When the man stopped at a gas station, he said the suspects tried to take the money from his car.

But the Splendorian refused to become a victim and didn’t give up, chasing the men until authorities could set up a roadblock where both vehicles came to a stop.

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They then arrested the suspects, but not all of the money is recovered at this time; the men reportedly tossed it out the window during the chase.

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