30 degrees may as well be 10 below for Houstonians, one of which braved the storm like a trooper

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Houston isn’t used to the wintry weather the city experienced over the past few days.

And, perhaps, given its rarity to many locals, the ice definitely pushed some residents to extremes:

In a city that dons sweaters and coats for any weather under 50 degrees, it’s hard to know how to dress when the temperature drops below freezing.

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Luckily for one Star Wars fan, their fan gear turned out to be the perfect snow suit.

Fans of the famous franchise will remember the ice planet Hoth, which is the site of a rebel battle against the empire in the classic trilogy film ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’


The winter storm sweeping over the United States hit social media just as hard with fans posting their favorite Hoth jokes on social media:


In Houston, Brandon Crismon treated his neighborhood (and the internet) to a rare sight — a Hoth stormtrooper walking a dog along a Houston sidewalk.

Crismon reportedly builds movie props, explaining the suit’s on hand availability.

Reddit user Rogue3StandingBy, which appears to belong to Crismon, posted a photo of the man dressed as a stormtrooper while walking his dog.

When its 20F and Little Buddy still wants to go for his walk… from houston

“It’s a bit funny to me how people react over a bit of snow here, compared to states that get this all the time,” Crismon said in an interview with The Houston Chronicle. “I thought the complete overkill of the Hoth trooper would be pretty funny, and hey, it’s not every day I get to actually take a picture with snow.”

According to the responses on Reddit, the stormtrooper suit is actually pretty warm:

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“The face shroud definitely kept out the wind,” Rogue3StandingBy wrote. “The boots are Canadian military issue mukluks. Fleece duster, heavy karate pants. As it turns out, ABS plastic makes a decent windbreaker.”

Check out all of Crimson’s movie props on his website, and may the force be with you through Sunday – when weather exerts say temperatures are expected to be in the 70s once again.

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