A boy who survives both Harvey and cancer gets an extra gift from J.J. Watt

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When 10-year-old Steven Garay’s family evacuated for Hurricane Harvey, they had more weighing on their minds than the floodwaters inundating Houston.

“When I found out I had cancer, I felt sick,” Garay told KHOU.

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The young cancer patient is no stranger to hospitals. His cancer resulted from several organ transplants he had as a tot.

Before Harvey, he was already receiving treatment for his condition. However, the forced evacuation took him to Nebraska, where his family had to stay to finish his chemotherapy.

Garay is finally cancer free, and Nebraska Medicine posted a celebratory video of him ringing a gong as part of a “Cancer Be Gong” celebration.

In the video, which was posted to Twitter, Garay wears a Texans hat and jersey in honor of his favorite player, J.J. Watt.

Luckily for Garay, Watt watched the video and posted his own in response.

“Steven, I saw the video of you ringing the bell. It made me so happy,” Watt said in his response. “I’m so excited for you. I just wanted to send you a quick video.”

Watt also tweeted an invite for Garay to join him at a Texans game next season as his special guest.

Cured of cancer and given the opportunity to meet his hero, Garay has a bright future on the horizon.

His family plans to return home to Houston in the coming year.

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