There’s always a risk when you take someone home after a first date.

In the case of a prominent Houston attorney, the danger turned to his priceless art collection:

Accordign to court documents, Anthony Buzbee claimed a Dallas woman he brought home after their first date drunkenly destroyed his abstract sculptures and three paintings — including two by the famed artist Andy Warhol — after Buzbee tried to send her home in an Uber.

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Lindy Lou Layman, 29, is accused of destroying $300,000 worth of art in the River Oaks Mansion.

Buzbee says the two returned to his home, but Layman turned out to be too drunk to continue their date, prompting his call for an Uber.

When the Uber arrived, however, Buzbee claims Layman hid in his home so she could stay.

Once he found her, he said he tried calling a second Uber.

At this time, Buzbee told authorities Layman became aggressive and attacked the art, throwing sculptures, tearing down paintings and pouring liquid on the paintings.

In court, Layman stated she is from Dallas, working as a court reporter.

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Layman now faces felony charges, but she is currently released on a $30,000 bond.

Buzbee, meanwhile, is no stranger to the news:

He made headlines earlier this year by parking a tank outside his $14 million River Oaks mansion, and he hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign back in 2016.

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