Atascosa County officials responded to a tip Friday that a resident was possibly hoarding animals, and found almost 12 dogs being kept in a cramped trailer filled with trash, fleas and excrement when they arrived to investigate.

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According to a Facebook post by Atascosa County Animal Control, Brush Country Animal Advocates contacted them, and a total 18 dogs lived in the elderly owner’s dilapidated residence.

The owner reportedly agreed to surrender more of the dogs to good homes at a later time, as long as they weren’t put down.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Brush Country Animal Advocates took in six of the dogs. Some of the dogs had mange and vision problems, and two were reportedly born without their front legs.

Austin Pets Alive, a pet shelter, received five more of the dogs Monday, and county officials are allowing the owner of the trailer to keep the remaining seven dogs on his property as long as the residence is kept clean and the dogs are spayed or neutered.

County officials are attempting to help the owner get free or low-cost spaying or neutering for the dogs, and help with repairs to the trailer. They say they’ll continue to keep an eye on the situation in a Facebook update:

Atascosa County Animal Control will continue monitoring the dogs living conditions and will take appropriate action if the owner does not complete his promise to improve the living conditions of the remaining dogs.

Atascosa County deputies thanked Brush Animal Advocates for “intervening and helping to stop this sad situation.”

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