A catch-and-release angler brought in a massive fish in South Padre Island, Texas last weekend, as if he were timing it perfectly to the latest iteration of “Sharknado.”

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Kevin Karwedsky was initiated into the “12 Foot Club” on July 30 when he caught a 12 foot, 7 inch tiger shark.

Karwedsky told a Corpus Christi news outlet that he had no idea that the shark was as big as it was, until it came time to reel it in.

“It was a feeling of pure excitement,” Karwedsky told “Catching a large shark off the Texas Coast is pretty rare.”

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But perhaps big sharks are becoming more prevalent in the Gulf Coast waters; on July 9 in a Texas City tournament, a fisherman nailed a 1,033-pound hammerhead shark, breaking a 37-year record.

A fisherman caught quite the 12-foot catch on Padre Island Facebook/Team Turn'em At The Knot
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