A Florida man trapped in Houston during Hurricane Harvey returns home – just in time for Hurricane Irma

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Julian Aguilera chose the wrong time to visit his family in Texas.

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Aguilera arrived in Houston from his Florida home on Saturday, just in time for Hurricane Harvey, and, after the airports were closed, Aguilera found himself trapped in the devastation.

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“We arrived and the hurricane was there,” he said in an interview with ABCActionNews.

His family told him everything was closed, and no one could come pick him up from the airport.

Aguilera managed to find an open hotel room later in the evening; however, when he returned to the airport the next day to find a flight back home, he was told all flights were cancelled, and he was trapped once again.

Eventually connecting with this family, Aguilera spent the next week cataloging the storm’s destruction, snapping photos of flooded homes and submerged vehicles.

“One of my cousins, he lost his cars, trucks. His house was up to the windows. They lost everything,” he continued in the interview.

Aguilera breathed a sigh of relief when he could finally fly home on Friday night, a week after the storm first hit Texas.

But when he was finally able to return to Florida, his homecoming was bittersweet because Hurricane Irma path is set on for the Florida peninsula.

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After his wife warned him a hurricane was headed their way, Aguilera responded, “You know what, I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as the one I just left.”

Irma is currently the largest hurricane on record in the Atlantic and a Category 5 storm, with sustained winds of 200+ mph winds.  A significant portion of South Florida is under mandatory evacuation.

After his experiences in Texas during Harvey, Aguilera shared this piece of advice for his fellow Floridians:

“Don’t be a hero.”

If you need or would like to help in Houston, read more here.

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