A Houston deputy was gunned down on the job, but, two years later, his killer finally knows his fate

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Last week, a plea deal was agreed to in the murder trial of Deputy Darren Goforth, a Harris County deputy sheriff gunned down outside a gas station in 2015.

Shannon Miles, the man accused of the crime, accepted the bargain by pleading guilty to the crime in court Wednesday.

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Miles will serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole. As part of his plea, he also forfeited his right to appeal.

Prosecutors said the deal was able to spare the Goforth family from sitting through a trial with potential to dredge up the tragic details of the deputy’s murder and believed this resolution was best for all parties.

That said, Miles’ mother claims her son was not given a choice in the matter and did not want to plead guilty:

“They railroaded my child today. He called me. He called me Monday and said, ‘Mom, I don’t want this.’ I told him you have to trust God and not (your attorney),” his 59-year-old mother said in an interview with ABC13.

She requested to remain anonymous, but did mention her son’s documented mental illness.

Miles was housed in a state mental hospital; however, his defense attorney Anthony Osso expressed a different point of view, saying the evidence left no room to argue Miles’ innocence, with the only remaining issue to debate was whether or not his client would be executed for the crime.

His defense team further said he was competent enough to make his plea, and, rather than spending potentially unproductive hours in court arguing for Miles’ life, the defense opted to accept the deal to avoid the death penalty.

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Osso said Miles asked him to save his life.

May Deputy Goforth Rest in Peace.

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