On Tuesday, a Houston woman posted on Twitter in hopes of finding her missing friend.

@queen-tierra17 shared that her friend was missing around 11:20 p.m.:

“My friend AENA ALI is missing she is 19 in the HOUSTON TEXAS AREA if anyone knows anything or if you’ve seen her please DM me,” the tweet read.

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Two days later, she posted that her friend had been located.

“We found her a**,” the follow-up tweet read, “she was in jail.”

At first, the young woman was hesitant to disclose why her friend wound up behind bars:

“I didn’t tell the whole thing,” she tweeted later that day. “She don’t want people thinking she crazy.”

But, in a later tweet, it was ultimately revealed her friend was arrested for driving without a license.

The police eventually made an arrest based on the information, which, according to the Twitter post, was allegedly in retaliation for him cheating on her with “a bum.”

The friend was also reportedly holding an undisclosed quantity of marijuana.

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A Houston woman thought to be missing sparks a Twitter storm ending with a shocking arrest – her own! AP Photo/Stephanie Mullen