A homeowner is targeted after pest control deems his Halloween decorations as racist Screenshot from Facebook post via

A homeowner in Katy, TX took down his Halloween decorations after a picture of his scarecrow set off a social-media firestorm in which it was erroneously deemed as racist.

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The man, identified as Roderick, had exhibited the scarecrow for 10 Halloweens. A pest-control operator put pictures of it on Facebook and denounced it as racist.

The post, now deleted, took issue with the scarecrow’s hands–made of black baseball gloves–and the fact that it looked like it was hanging from a tree.

The homeowner was humiliated, telling Click2Houston he is not racist and the scarecrow was propped up, never hanging; the picture taken was misleading.

“It did look like he was hanging from a chain” in the picture, Roderick said, “which is not good, that’s nothing I would do.”

The homeowner, disgusted, has removed all the decorations, and took the higher road.

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“He just did whatever he thinks is right,” Roderick said of the man who posted the photo. “Whoever’s got hate in your heart, God bless you. Get better. And learn to trust your neighbor.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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