On Sunday evening, a driver reportedly ran a stop sign causing a METRO bus to crash into a home on Houston’s southeast side.

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According to authorities, the driver of the bus overcorrected a turn, when the car proximately responsible ran the stop sign at Tierwester and Corder streets, allegedly causing it to crash into a nearby home.

With no one inside at the time of the incident, police said they notified homeowner Darrell Parker of the damage shortly afterward.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Parker said in an interview with ABC 13.

Four people – three passengers and the bus driver – reportedly received transport to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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Witnesses described the scene in interviews following the accident:

“I was waiting for a ride, and I saw the car run the stop sign and hit the bus. It crashed into the house,” Kirk Williams said. “I told people to call 911 and ask for ambulances.”

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Stay safe, Houston.

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