Football star-turned media personality Michael Strahan returned to his hometown of Houston earlier this week to survey some of the progress being made toward repairs after Harvey.

As part of his efforts, his organization reportedly hopes to rebuild 1,000 homes affected by the storm.

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According to ABC13, Strahan is working with Rebuilding Together Houston to aid reconstruction efforts after the hurricane.

“I just want people to know where their journey is and where they are,” Strahan said of his reasons for coming back to Houston during an interview. He also visited Houston in the weeks after the storm.

CE King High School is one place hit particularly hard during the storm, its hardwood gym floor warped and rendered unusable by flooding.

After Strahan discussed the school’s story on an aired Good Morning America segment, the school received a check for $454,000 by Dick’s Sporting Goods to use toward repairs.

On Monday, Strahan and others saw firsthand where it stands now, additionally enlisting the help of NFL hall-of-famer Deon Sanders to announce a donation from Under Armor for new uniforms.

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Hang in there, Houston. We’ve got do-ers on our side.

A son of Houston is back home to help the survivors of Harvey Noam Galai/WireImage via Getty Imagestw