The family of Harris County four-year-old Frankie Delgado continues to mourn their son, who tragically died from a condition known as “dry drowning.”

Frankie’s father, Francisco, called police when his son stopped breathing, reports KHOU. Prior to the call, Frankie showed symptoms — vomiting, diarrhea — resembling a stomach bug.

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Frankie later died at the hospital, where doctors determined that the cause was a condition known as “dry drowning,” usually affecting small children. He became a victim to the condition, which can manifest over hours or days, after inhaling water during a swimming trip with his family. The water was said to only be knee-deep.

The boy’s mother, Tara, said Frankie was “full of life” and “for four-years-old, he had a big heart.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for the family.

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