A Texas man who got weird with vegetables just got sentenced to life in prison

Charles Robert Ransier's mug shot.

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Videos by Rare

Charles Robert Ransier, 56, just received a sentence of life in prison for tampering with evidence and drug possession.

Ransier, who had nine previous felony convictions, was arrested in 2015 when police found him in the bed of his truck with a meth-filled syringe in his hand. When they searched his truck, it got much weirder. Among the items found were children’s clothes, lubricant, and a cooler full of frozen cucumbers.

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Police had been called out to apprehend Ransier before, and vegetables were also involved. In 2014, cops found him on a baseball field in New Braunfels wearing women’s stockings — and nothing else — and “engaging in a deviant sex act with a vegetable.” Two years before that, he was again found getting freaky with a vegetable, according to the Dallas News.

Ransier was also convicted of manslaughter in the death of a police officer in the ’90s. He spent 15 years in jail for it and was reportedly high on meth when he hit the officer, who was making a traffic stop at the time.

The evidence tampering charge got him a life sentence, and the drug possession got him 20 years. He was also slapped with a $10,000 fine.

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