Texans know about queso:

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And it’s hard to beat when it’s flambéed and served with chorizo:

But where there is fire, there are lawsuits, as Dos Salsas Café in Cedar Park recently learned after a diner patron was burned by their quesos falmeados appetizer.

Erika Saenz, who is seeking more than $1 million in damages, claims she was subjected to “life-altering burns” from the dish, which, according to the suit, comes prepared and “served flaming at the table.”

The suit further claims the waitress who lit the appetizer was improperly trained, and it was her “negligent actions” that led to her injuries.

When you mess with Texas dishes, you might get burned.

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Hot stuff, y’all!

A Texas woman tried to order a popular Texas appetizer but quickly felt the burn from her decision John Minchillo/AP Images for Unilever