A Fort Bend woman who allegedly harassed her ex-husband’s girlfriend for years with multiple daily phone calls is reportedly going to jail.

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Records show Pamela Sue Kahlden, 50 received a sentence of 30 days in jail and 12 months probation on Monday for stalking.

Screen shot of photo from Fort Bend County Justice Center’s website

According to prosecutors, Kahlden would leave multiple “vile, hateful” and “jealous” voice mails everyday, and, even after she levied charges against her, she left more than 50 messages.

Kahlden apparently didn’t learn her lesson the first time, either:

When authorities first learned of her actions from the victim in 2013, the court placed the woman on six-months’ probation. However, once her probation period ended, she reportedly resumed making the calls.

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“I asked the jury to send a message and tell Kahlden that enough was enough,” lead prosecutor Adrianne Norman provided in a prepared statement. “The law protects the victim from the defendant’s actions. The jury agreed and held her accountable.”

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