A family in the Woodlands is speaking up after a veteran’s remains leaked from the casket where he was laid to rest.

When Robert McMinn, who served in the Air Force during WWII, passed away in 2010 due to Parkinson’s, his family wanted him buried in Forest Park, the cemetery run by the Woodlands funeral home.

“They have ‘dignity’ on every one of their marketing brochures,” his son Doug McMinn told ABC13.

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The elder McMinn was to be buried in his own mausoleum, but it wasn’t finished at the time of his death. While workers put the finishing touches on the burial site, Forest Park temporarily placed the coffin in a different mausoleum.

Two months later, the McMinn family received a horrifying phone call.

Their loved one’s remains were leaking out of his casket.

“I understand that bodies are going to degrade, but I don’t expect to hear a call back from this place, that sells dignity, about how he’s dripping out of his casket,” said Doug McMinn.

In addition to learning the gruesome details, the family learned they were expected to pay for the clean-up costs.

In a lawsuit filed against the cemetery, the family alleges Forest Park, which provided both the funeral and burial services, is responsible for the incident.

The lawsuit also addresses the clean-up issue, saying, “Plaintiffs were responsible for purchasing a new casket, tenting the entirety of the crypt, and for the quarantine measures implemented for the process of transferring Robert’s now liquefied remains to another crypt.”

Although the incident occurred ten years ago, McMinn and his family recently decided to take action after learning this isn’t the only time the cemetery has had mausoleum issues.

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According to ABC13 news, there is at least one other active lawsuit against the funeral home over a related incident.

The owner of the cemetery, SCI Texas Funeral Services, has been reported for similar incidences at two facilities, including the one in Woodlands.

McMinn’s parents had planned to be buried head-to-head, but that may no longer be a possibility.

“It’s kind of a nice thought to think that they’ll be there together,” McMinn said of his parents. “They were married 60 years.”

A Woodlands family won’t go quietly after a funeral home bills them for the leaked remains of a WWII veteran AP Photo/David Goldman