According to reports, Catherine Nance, a proponent of gun safety regulations, passed away this due to advanced colon cancer.

Nance served as an adjunct professor of mathematics at Lone Star College in Tomball.

When the Texas Legislature passed a law allowing for the open carry of firearms on college campus, Nance made her opposition known by reportedly becoming involved with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a group of gun safety and control advocates formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

In a piece for the Texas Tribune, Nance wrote the following:

“Campus carry would bring guns into my workplace at the potential expense of finding a cure for a disease that is trying to kill me.”

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Sometime before in a March 2015 press release from Moms Demand Action, Nance wrote this, as well:

“It’s infuriating to know that SB 11, the campus carry bill, would negatively impact funds for cancer research….(L)aw makers are letting the gun lobby and extremists bully them into prioritizing dangerous, unpopular bills and now, they are also siphoning funds from a hospital that is vital to my family and other families like mine.”

Nance reportedly received a colon cancer diagnosis in early 2015, but continued her teaching and gun safety advocacy while undergoing treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

She is also said to be known for her volunteering with Moms Demand Action, testifying before the Texas Legislature about the effects a campus carry law could cause for cancer research.

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“She really had a fire lit under her by campus carry,” Nicole Golden, a close friend and fellow volunteer with Moms Demand Action, said in an interview. “She became more raw and honest and more of a fighter for the things that were important in her life.”

Nace was 40.

May she Rest in Peace.