Dayra Rios says her uncle trusted the man who shot him.

Now her family is trying to figure out why Abel Sanchez was shot for not loaning a friend $20.

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“My uncle trusted him to come to his house, my uncle really thought that was his friend and it’s not fair how he killed him over $20 just because my uncle didn’t want to let him borrow $20 dollars,” Rios told Fox 26 Houston.

Police responded to the Los Arcos Apartments in the 11,300 block of Fondren on Sunday morning on reports of a shooting. Sanchez died at the scene before their arrival.

Witnesses reported hearing the deceased arguing with someone before the shooting. The shooter had fled before authorities arrived but resided in the area.

Police surrounded the suspect’s home with SWAT teams, but when they entered the property, they found that the suspect was not there.

A manhunt is underway to find the shooter, and police are asking that anyone who may have information about the crime call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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Sanchez’s family is mourning the loss of a good man.

“He was really, really kind,” Rios says of her uncle, “everybody knew him and he was a kind hearted person.”

After refusing to loan a friend $20, a Houston man paid the ultimate price AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Sharon Steinmann