If it weren’t for Albert Peterson, an abandoned newborn baby girl might not be alive today.

Peterson is the man who, as he was rushing to work in the early morning hours, took the extra time to check on the muffled noise he heard coming from the bushes along the sidewalk of his apartment complex.

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The Houston area was quickly captivated by the story of the baby that Peterson found; CPS even received calls requesting to adopt her.

After laying outside naked for almost six hours, the baby was near death when Peterson found her covered in ants, authorities report.

Because he saved her life, he’s now been named a hero by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

On Wednesday night, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez gave Peterson a life-saving award to honor his selfless actions.

“It feels good man,” Peterson gushed in an interview. “There ain’t no feeling like it. I wasn’t even expecting this.”

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The baby girl is still recovering in the hospital, where she is being treated for a bacterial infection.

Her mother, Sidney Woytasczyk, was charged with child abandonment on Monday.

She faces up to twenty years in prison if convicted.

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