The Houston Forensic Science Center reportedly terminated a crime scene analyst last week after determining she shredded her original crime scene notes about a murder case.

While they did not name the employee, the firm stated she worked as an analyst for the past two years, processing upwards of 100 cases.

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“HFSC will not tolerate the potential of professional misconduct and takes seriously any mishaps that may impact a criminal investigation,” CEO and president Dr. Peter Stout said in a press release.

The agency further said they caught the issue after a routine technical review identified “several administrative errors” in the original crime scene notes.

As a result of that review, records show the agency sent the analyst back to the scene a few days after the crime occurred to correct the errors, retaining both sets of case notes as part of a record of the agency’s analysis of the scene.

However, the analyst allegedly shredded the original notes instead of keeping them.

Stout credits the agency’s quality control systems for immediately catching both the inconsistencies and the employee’s actions following the correction.

Although the agency said the employee’s actions only affected one case, they plan to audit all of her past work to check for inconsistencies.

Additionally, analysts will reportedly review the murder scene in question to ensure a proper evaluation is completed.

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“The analyst’s actions will be disclosed to the Texas Forensic Science Commission, the state oversight board, as suspected professional misconduct. HFSC has notified the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office,” the agency provided in the press release.

Officials did not reveal which murder case the error affected.

This is a developing story.

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