As things were starting to heat up this spring, four Houstonians reportedly lost their cool during a robbery of Flamingo Chill on Airline Drive.

Known for its ice cream and snow cones, the March 21 robbery happened around 11:30 p.m. while store employees were closing up for the night, and the intruders snuck in through a back door.

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The four robbers threatened workers with guns demanding store money and their personal property.  One employee was physically assaulted and had to be taken to the hospital after being pistol-whipped in the face.

Nearly three months after the incident, the Houston Police Department is seeking public assistance in apprehending the suspects who remain at large in the unsolved case:

Suspect No. 1: Unknown Hispanic male who wore a red shirt wrapped around his head (UA), a black knit jacket with padded elbows, a light-blue shirt, blue jeans rolled at the bottom and brown work boots. Police said he was carrying a black gun.

Suspect No. 2: Unknown white male who wore no mask with blond hair, a high receding hairline that makes a point toward the front of his head and a scar running down the right side of his nose and through his lip. He wore a blue windbreaker with a hood, blue jeans, tennis shoes and a red T-shirt. Police said he was carrying a black gun.

Suspect No. 3: Unknown Hispanic male who wore a gray shirt around his face, black hoodie, blue jeans and gray shoes.

Suspect No. 4: Unknown possible Hispanic male who was completely covered with a hoodie and blue jeans.

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Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.