All bets are off, as Texas and California’s govs. make a World Series wager with more than money on the line AP

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and California Governor Jerry Brown often find themselves on opposite sides of the issues: Abbott is a conservative Republican, while Brown is known as a veteran true-blue liberal Democrat.

It’s a safe bet the two wouldn’t see eye-to-eye

However, all bets are off this week, as the governors of states with their baseball teams playing in the MLB championship take part in the traditional World Series wager, with respective state delicacies as prizes for the winner.

Abbott’s Houston Astros are putting up a six-pack of Houston craft beer and a heaping helping of Texas barbecue, while Brown and his LA Dodgers are betting a collection of Northern California wines.

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This year, the wagers are about more than just friendly competition and bragging rights:

Many parts of southeast Texas are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, while much of Northern California remains reeling from wildfires, which destroyed thousands of acres.

The governors issued a joint press release on the wager, as well as their states’ disasters:

“Texas and California are recovering from some of the worst natural disasters our states have ever encountered,” Abbott provided in the statement. “As we work to overcome these challenges, our two states are united by America’s pastime as we cheer on our home teams in the World Series. Go Astros!”

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“While we don’t expect to have to send any vino to Texas,” Brown responded in the same statement, “we hope travelers from all over the world – yes, even the Lone Star State – will continue to visit California.”


The Dodgers currently lead the series 1-0, with Game 2 scheduled for tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST in Los Angeles.

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