According to the Houston Chronicle, Alva Braziel, shot to death last year by police, was found to have drugs in his system at the time of his death.

Braziel’s autopsy report and other documents pertaining to the investigation were released just one day after his widow Nikki Braziel demanded to see the results and information.

The request came after a court found the two officers accused of shooting her late husband not guilty of wrongdoing.

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Information in the report states there was methamphetamine and marijuana in Alva’s system at the time of his death, and a bag containing pills and the drug PCP were found during a cavity search.

“I wouldn’t care what he was on, Nikki said in an interview. “They didn’t have to shoot him 16 times.”

She further claimed Alva was sleeping just prior to the encounter with police:

“He turned around and around and around to let them know that he wasn’t going to harm them.”

The two officers involved claim Alva pointed the gun at them. Surveillance footage shows the 38-year-old from a distance at the time of the shooting, his hands in the air.

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The officer’s body cameras, turned on after the shooting, show him still holding the gun.

An autopsy on the Houston man shot to death by HPD last year shows he may not have been as innocent as his wife claims Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Image