Yesterday’s crash-on-takeoff of an F-16 at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base put the community on edge, and now it has investigators shaking their collective heads.

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The jet and its pilot were on a training mission as part of the Noble Eagle air defense program, and the plane was taking off when a series of explosions occurred.

While the pilot safely ejected, the incident had those nearby on alert.

“There is fuel and air-to-air missiles on board,” said Maj. Anthony Scott, of Air Defense Command, at the time.

After a 4,000-foot-wide perimeter was set around the aircraft, Houston Police told at least one business to close until the evacuation was lifted, because it was in the “danger zone.”

Because the aircraft was topped off with fuel, it burned throughout yesterday afternoon. When the fire was extinguished, the evacuation order was lifted.

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An interim safety board is now charged with determining just what went wrong

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