As Harvey looms and grows in the Gulf, politicians agree its time to upgrade Houston’s storm surge protections Houston Texas AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Harvey is keeping the Gulf Coast on high alert, with warnings of possible flooding and high winds swirling – all a potential danger for Houston refineries.

Now upgraded to a tropical storm, with sustained winds hovering around 60mph, the system is expected to gain strength as it makes landfall.

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After repeated flooding from storms like Harvey, Wednesday, Members of the Texas-U.S. Congressional delegation unanimously agreed Houston needs better storm surge protection, particularly for its petrochemical facilities located so close to the shipping channel:

“The last thing we want is another major hurricane that hits our area and causes major economic damage and puts a 20-foot wall of water in the Houston Ship Channel,” Rep. Randy Weber, R-Friendswood, said in an interview. “Can you imagine if we would lose some of the tanks … what an environmental catastrophe that would be.”

Storm surge protection for Galveston Bay is a continued concern for Congress and the Texas Legislature, but there is a lack of consent on how to proceed, not to mention a lack of financial resources to make the necessary upgrades a reality.

At a meeting of the Transportation Advocacy Group Houston Chapter yesterday, however, it was agreed and reasserted something needs to be done.

And these officials aren’t the only ones with concerns, either:

Local businesses will also need to stock up on items people will need in case of an emergency.

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Everything from umbrellas and ponchos, to pop tarts and beer, will be in demand and need to be available for purchase as Harvey approaches and strengthens.


Stock up and stay safe, Houston.

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