Astros fan dressed up like a security guard and walked right into Dodger Stadium during the World Series Snapchat

He used an old work ID and ratty earphones, and put on a dark suit and tie. Then, Paul Beckman walked right into Dodger Stadium for Game 2 of the World Series–without a ticket–because he was dressed as a security guard.

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The gutsy Astros fan, who lives in Los Angeles, had to find a way into the sold-out game on Oct. 25. And to say his disguise worked, well, that would be putting it mildly.

The salesman used his skills to talk his way into the park–and then, naturally, had a blast.

He watched the game from a suite with the guys from YouTube sensation Dude Perfect. And then he found a seat behind home plate.

Of course, the daredevil documented the entire experience on social media.

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Curiously, Beckman did not stay for the entire game, which ended with an extra-innings Astros win. But he was seemingly satisfied with his accomplishment nonetheless.

“If you don’t see me snapchat ever again, it’s ’cause I died, because all of my luck is literally gone,” he says at the end of his video.

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