Astros fans step up to the plate with an incredible ‘hat trick’ at the World Series Parade Photo by Danielle Husband

As fans lined up ten rows deep for the start of the Astros World Series Parade Friday, parking garages overlooking the parade route filled with spectators who proved Houston never, ever gives up — not even an Astros baseball cap.

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A fan on the seventh floor of a parking garage dropped her Astros cap from the seventh floor of a parking garage. While normally that would end in the disappointing loss, Houston fans weren’t about to let that happen.

The cap was caught below, and fans began tossing it back up the parking garage — one level at a time.

Not every toss was a success, but each time the hat fell, there was someone there to try again.

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Finally, the hat made it back to its owner, who did a little dance for the crowd.

The event was captured from several angles below. In each shot, you really get of Houston’s strength in community.

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