Authorities believe Houston’s court system is enabling a ‘career criminal’ to stay on the streets AP Photo/John Bazemore
AP Photo/John Bazemore

Authorities are expressing concerns after a man they call a career criminal has bonded out of jail.

According to reports, Houston resident Dale Franklin has been arrested at least 32 times in Harris County for crimes related to shoplifting.

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Franklin’s mugshots date back to 2007. While he has reportedly served time in both the state prison and county jail, authorities warn he is allegedly using the court system as a “revolving door” that allows him to continue his crimes.

“We’re talking about someone who organizes, bonds out of jail, works the system, (goes) in there and steals high end stuff and turns around and sells it,” said police union President Ray Hunt, according to KPRC 2. “This guy makes a living stealing. This guy needs to be in prison, needs to be in prison a long time.”

Franklin is currently out on the streets awaiting trial for his latest charges, stemming from accusations of felony theft. He bonded out of jail on a $30,000 bond on Dec. 1.

According to Hunt, Franklin is a habitual criminal and should not be granted bond.

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Presiding Judge Hazel B. Jones and District Attorney Kim Ogg both declined to speak about the case, but acknowledged there were no legal grounds to deny Franklin bail.

Ogg’s office released a statement, saying, “State law does not allow denial of bail for low-level non-violent recidivism.”

Despite law enforcement’s concerns, Franklin will remain out on bail throughout his trial, provided he does not violate the conditions.


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