The Texas legislature recently approved legislation allowing community colleges in the state to begin offering bachelor’s degrees.

But the community college BAs won’t be offered in every field.

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Instead, according to NBC, the legislation focuses on “high-need” fields like nursing, applied sciences and applied technology.

For example, Collin College plans to install a nursing program by 2019, and the Dallas County Community College District wants to offer a degree in early childhood education.

The push for more BA degrees at community colleges is motivated by an increased demand for important jobs, like teachers and nurses.

Previously, the only community colleges in Texas to offer bachelor’s degree programs were in rural areas away from four-year universities.

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Despite the new legislative authorities, community colleges interested in offering a bachelor’s program will still need approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and another accrediting body.

Bachelor’s degrees are great, and, thanks to new legislation, you may soon be able to earn them at a fraction of the cost AP Photo/Alex Jones