Based on our Emojis, one study claims Texas might be a sad place to live


Many studies attempt to use the words we share on social media to determine if people who live in a particular area are happy or sad.

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But a group of researchers recently wondered if the emojis we use work the same way:

Analytical site Brandwatch believed they could, reportedly prompting development of their own Emoji Analysis to determine which areas of the world are happiest or saddest, based on the emojis they share on social media.

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According to the study’s text, each emoji received a rating of either happy or sad, allowing researchers to, in a way, quantify the emotions behind the posts.

Based on the results, Texas is one of the saddest states in the country, falling into the bottom 20 percent in terms of happiness according to the emojies.

The most positive states according to the study ended up being Utah, Maine and Wyoming.

Texas also ranked low when it comes to the words in our Tweets, trending on the sad end of the scale based on the emoji data analysis.

While Texas didn’t rank in the bottom five states, it is reportedly home to the saddest city in the country: Beaumont, Texas.

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Grey skies are ‘gonna clear up, Houston, put on a happy face!

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