Online retailer Amazon launched its new, in-person service – the Treasure Truck.

Surprisingly not the name of a Houston strip club (yet), the actual truck shows up to a designated location in the city, stocked full of a certain type of item in a limited quantity.

But, when they sell out, that’s it.

Last Saturday morning, the Treasure Truck rolled up to the corner of Walker and Austin full of loot good enough to make any nostalgic gamer drool: classic Nintendo gaming consoles.

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“We load up the truck and we send out a text message in the morning,” Karthik Anbalagan with Amazon said in an interview with ABC. “You look at your text, and, hopefully you love what we’ve got,”

If you have the Amazon app, you can make your purchase there, then go pick it up at the truck, making it a little easier to get your hands on whatever’s being offered – if you’re quick.

In the future, Amazon says it will sell a pretty wide spectrum of stuff through its Treasure Trucks, including tech gadgets, gifts and certain items offered exclusively through the truck.

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If you’ve got the app, keep an eye out for the next time the Treasure Truck rolls through town.

If you don’t – what arrr you doing with your lives?! There are truckloads of treasure out there, y’all!