By all accounts, Port Arthur’s Bernard Freeman shouldn’t be where he is today.

He should not be performing with the prestigious Houston Symphony.

He should not be imparting his knowledge within the ivy-covered walls of Rice University.

He should not be among the most popular and beloved figures on the Houston music scene.

But Bernard, more commonly known as Bun B, did and is all of those things, and more.

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Evolving from an underground rap sensation to the ambassador at large for both the city of Houston and its hip hop scene, Bun is a man with many hats.

Fellow Houston rapper, Chamillionaire, perhaps, described it best:

“If you want to find out the best sushi spot, barbershop, or club, he would probably be the person with the widest Rolodex.”

B got his biggest break in the Houston rap game when he teamed with Chad “Pimp C” Butler to form the Underground Kings, or UGK, going on to establish a solo career, as well as becoming a sought-after collaborator on tracks by other artists.

His album “Trill OG” earned him a “5 Mic” rating from Source Magazine, one of the leading measures of quality in the hip hop world.

Despite his title of “OG,” original gangsta, much of Bun B’s life can be described as anything but stereotypical of a rapper:

Married to the same woman for over a decade, he regularly attends church and acts as a mentor and adviser to numerous aspiring young rappers coming up in the game.


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Bun B also earned the love of fans across Houston, not only for his music, but for his involvement in the community:


In May 2014, he performed at a “Concert Against Hate” with the Houston Symphony, crafting his own original lyrics around the song “Where is the Love?” by the Black-Eyed Peas, with backup vocals by the Lamar High School chorus.

After the concert, he took the time to have photos taken with all his young fans from the performance.

He stayed to make sure every one of them got a picture with their hero.

Never change, Bun!

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