After recently launching down south, BuzzFeed Austin is already making friends in low places.

Last Friday, the blog-related site posted an illustrated map of Texas:

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Hilariously accurate, and maybe an improvement from the other maps out there: the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex was left out entirely.

The map is also off on a few other things, including wrong locations of Six Flags Over Texas and the Alamo.

But tweets from BuzzFeed suggest there’s no quick hurry to make things right with the roughly 2 million people they inadvertently, or, as Houstonians secretly hope, purposefully, dissed:

Texans’ responses were a little more acute:

Even if they are new ’round these here parts, BuzzFeed clearly knows where the important stuff is in Texas.

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Thanks for the love, BuzzFeed, even if it is shade!  Take the hint, Dallas!

BuzzFeed has officially ended the dispute between Houston and Dallas over who is the best city in Texas AP Photo/Steven Senne