BYOB – Bring Your Own…Bowie Knife?

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To celebrate the passage of HB 1935 and subsequent “liberation” of the Bowie and all other knives from concealment, the weapon advocacy group Knife Rights will hold a very special event at the Alamo in honor of the new open-carry law.

On September 2, 2017, the day after HB 1935 goes into effect, the Alamo will host the Texas Bowie Knife Liberty Celebration.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The event will commemorate the ability of Texans to openly carry their favorite knives, including Bowies.

According to’s description of the event, there will be specially-carved Bowie knives for the authors of HB 1935, and those who helped it along. The presentation ceremony will also include a brief history of the Bowie knife.

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Why the Alamo?

The Bowie knife was apparently named for Colonel James Bowie, co-commander of the Alamo garrison.

“For the first time in over 140 years, ordinary Texas citizens will be able to proudly carry a Bowie in public,” according to a description shared on “A large assembly of Bowie knife enthusiasts, collectors and freedom loving Texans are expected.”

There will also be a showing of historic Bowie knives from the Alamo’s own collection.

That Saturday also happens to be the Alamo’s monthly “First Saturday at the Alamo” event, so, while you’re there, you can learn about 1830s frontier life.

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Just try not to clip anyone like you’re Jim – Bowie, that is.

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