Five-piece Houston punk band LACE formally formed just last year, but they’re already racking up recognition:

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In a write up, VICE media’s music publication, known as ‘Noisey,’ described LACE’s music “dark punk,” which “embraces the bleakness of these modern times.”

LACE is reportedly about to release their first full-length album titled ‘Human Condition’ on Kentucky record label Funeral Party, and they made two songs – ‘On a Rung’ and ‘Tension,’ both available to stream, which you can hear below.  You can also listen to ‘Poison Drum,’ a track from their 2016 demo, here.

Even though, as described, their sound is classic punk-screamed vocals, whaling instruments and high energy, during the Noisey interviews, members said they don’t consider themselves a hardcore band.

Band member Joshua Bosarge explained LACE’s influences and background are varied:

We began from the remnants of a band three of us had started years ago. I moved to Austin, then came back and was ready to create with the same people, but wanted something completely different. There weren’t any preconceived notions of how we wanted to sound, but our influences in everything but hardcore music and different backgrounds meshed together created something we really like. That’s why I don’t like thinking of us as a hardcore band.

Bosarge further spoke on what influenced the forthcoming album, saying the political tension of today’s world did play a role.

He said the songs on ‘Human Condition’ are designed to reference “destructive human behavior,” and, while not a direct attack on the Trump Administration, he said, in the present political climate, “those destructive behaviors are much more visible and active.”


LACE’s debut album will be out in early 2018.

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Rock on, Houston! You punks!

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