In the early hours of Thursday morning, violence broke out in front of Spire nightclub resulting in several people shot, and others hit by a car.

Investigators believe the incident started with a fight in the parking lot, after closing time. A car carrying three people drove into the crowd standing outside the nightclub, apparently intentionally, and fled the scene. At least one person was hit and injured.

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Someone in the crowd then apparently pulled a gun and shot at the vehicle as it drove away, hitting one of the riders inside in their leg. After that the car backed into a light pole and took off down Travis street. Spire is located on the corner of Travis and Main.

The fleeing vehicle was stopped by a patrolling police sergeant, who noticed the bullet holes, and the injured occupant. When the sergeant went to his car to call an ambulance, all three suspects took off running.

The three evaded pursuit, and officers found other people injured at the scene, including one person with a gunshot wound to the face. They were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Everyone fled the scene of the incident, creating difficulty for investigators piecing together the events, though surveillance footage was found.

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Chaos erupts at Spire Nightclub in downtown Houston File