Charges dropped against Houston man questioned by police while mowing lawns Source: @HarryO1975's Twitter

The charges against Marlin Gipson, the man arrested while mowing a lawn, have been dropped.

The decision came hours after Gipson demanded an independent investigation into the events that he caught on video.

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Last week, the world was stunned by a controversial video showing Gipson being questioned by a police officer. Gipson argued that he was being harassed while mowing yards and handing out business cards promoting his business. The officer who appeared in the video denied harassing Gipson and said that the young man lied about his birthday.

The incident occurred in the Willow Spring subdivision. While Gipson lives and operates his lawn care business in the neighborhood, the officer questioned him about what he was doing, pressing Gipson even after the young man provided a business card and explained what he was doing.

After Gipson left the scene and returned home, authorities came to his house and arrested him. Gipson alleges that they released a K-9 unit on him and tasered him, despite his cooperation. Bite marks on his arms appeared to corroborate his story.

Constable Alan Rosen defended breaking down the man’s door and using dogs and a taser, saying that Gipson would not surrender himself.

Upon his arrest, the Precinct 1 Constable’s office released that Gipson had a warrant out in another county.


In the lawn mowing incident, Gipson was charged with evading arrest and failure to identify.

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While Rosen offered to have the Texas Rangers conduct an investigation into the incident, Gipson asked for an independent investigation by the Department of Justice or the American Civil Liberties Union.

Gipson explained, “My family is requesting that Rosen turns the investigation over to an outside department and that he ends the character assassination immediately because it’s just not right at all.”

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