Another bullet has been fired in the food wars between Houston and Chicago. The nation’s fourth and third largest cities in the United States are both home to thriving restaurant scenes, and debates over who has the best food have spawned some interesting conclusions.

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Back in July, Datafiniti released a report saying that Chicago has the most authentic Mexican restaurants in the country, with Houston coming in at number three. Many Houstonians disputed that fact, and an investigation by local news outlet ABC13 found that Datafiniti’s numbers might be off.

While Datafiniti found 177 authentic restaurants in Houston, ABC13 used health department records to find 645 authentic Mexican restaurants and 660 taco food trucks, which dwarfs Chicago’s measly 235 Mexican restaurants.

As if it weren’t absurd enough that Chicago could have more Mexican food than Houston, now a new report is pitting our steaks against each other.

Travel and Leisure has compiled a list of the best steakhouses in the United States, and somehow they aren’t all from Texas. (Judging by some of the photos of the dishes, not all of these restaurants properly qualify as “steakhouses” by Texas standards.)

The highest ranked Texas steakhouse is in Pearland. Killen’s Steakhouse, which the magazine called a “Roadhouse Dive,” took the fifth place spot on the list.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse took eleventh place for their Dallas location, which counts as a win for Houston since we have our own locations of the celebrated steakhouse. Houston’s Churrascos ranked seventeenth on the list with its Latin twist on the classic steakhouse.


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Chicago doesn’t make the list until fourteenth place, which went to their Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse. The city is also home to David Burke’s Primehouse, which ranked twenty-four.

Clearly, Houston’s food scene once again takes the crown over Chicago. What can we say? Everything is bigger and better in Texas – even our food. Bon appetit, Houston!

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