Known for their bubble tea and quirky atmosphere, Class 502 Teahouse in Houston is rolling out the hottest, latest craze in ice cream: hand rolls.

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First, the Thai-style ice cream base and any added topping are poured onto a cold metal disk.

The concoction is then stirred by the 502 team experts until it’s completely frozen.

Once it freezes and is spread into a thin layer, the ice cream master rolls the treat into five tight rolls.

They are then placed together in a serving cup in an arrangement, which slightly resemble roses.

Customers can then opt to add toppings, such as fruit or candies, and each day, the shop posts their featured flavors on the wall.

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If you’d like to try their treats for yourself, Class 502 Teahouse is located at 9889 Bellaire Blvd in Houston’s Chinatown.

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See you there, Houston!

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