Police have arrested a Texas State University student for a June hit and run that left a grandmother dead.

On Oct. 12, authorities arrested Aramis Guerra II, nearly four months after they say he crashed his Range Rover SUV into a family’s Ford F-150 truck and fled the scene on June 17. The grandmother, 50-year-old Elizabeth Griffet, who was driving the truck, was rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead. Investigators say that Guerra was driving 110 miles per hour at the time of the incident, and that Griffet was thrown forward into the windshield and then flung backward, severing her spine, WKYC reports.

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The crash also caused a child in the back to be thrown into the front — though the infant survived the crash — and injured Griffet’s daughter. According to the affidavit, Guerra then drove a nearby house and used a stranger’s phone to call his mother to pick him up. The woman who lives in the house managed to identify him in a police line-up. Phone records from the house also traced to Guerra’s family, police say.

Guerra was charged with failure to stop and render aid in an accident involving death, which is a second degree felony. His bond was set at $200,000, and he was bailed out on Oct. 13. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Nov. 7.

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