Dairy Queen is looking to make Houston that much better AP Photo/Dave Kolpack

Texans’ favorite cheat day chain is looking to make it easier to get its delicious food across Houston.

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“We’re trying to put Dairy Queen in areas where we have a lot of customers,” Vice President of Franchise Sale and Development at International Dairy Queen Mike Mettler said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.

Apparently, one of these target high-customer populations is Webster, which had an El Dorado location up until a few years ago, when it became a ridiculously busy Starbucks.

Of course, rumors of a replacement Dairy Queen have been floating around town since that fateful day when southeast Houston lost its primary source of dip cones.

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We’ll believe we’re getting an 88th Houston location at 16190 Old Galveston Road, scheduled to open April 14, when we see it. But before that, can Dairy Queen please explain this discriminatory coupon?