DeLorean is reportedly working to come back to previous production specs, with future plans coming to Houston

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In some “heavy” news this week, the same vehicle Marty McFly used to travel through time and space could reportedly soon be reborn in a new round of production by the Bayou.

According to KPRC, this Sunday, DeLorean Motor Co. celebrated its 37th anniversary.

After all but disappearing from the roadways following its glory in 1980s Hollywood, according to the company’s website, DeLorean Motors experienced more hurdles in bringing the famous vehicle back on a widespread level.

However, recent regulatory changes in the automotive industry are reportedly allowing the famed company to start ramping up for another round of low-volume production.

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In 2017, DeLorean Motors started taking applications and orders for those interested in new vehicles.

Before you make like a tree and get out of here since you aren’t looking to buy, there could be good news for its Humble location:

During an interview with KPRC, CEO Stephen Wynne said he’s hopeful the company will start producing the cars in its north Houston-area factory in about a year – on the 38th anniversary of its famed namesake vehicle.

“You could not believe the interest, to the degree that we’ve been trying to be a little bit more low profile with the press because, at the moment, we don’t want to make the expectations too high until we know the final specifications of the car,” Wynne said further.

Wynne said he hopes to eventually produce 100 new vehicles a year.

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Where they’re going, they’ll certainly need roads.  Good thing there are plenty in Houston.

Happy Anniversary, DeLorean!

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