Despite being from Wisconsin, the cold caught Houston’s hottest resident by surprise

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When Wisconsin native J.J. Watt moved to Houston to start his NFL career, the shift reportedly forced him to make some adjustments: different accents, different food and, most of all, different climate.

Those who made the transition before can attest, not much can prepare Northerners for the sweltering heat and punishing Houston humidity Watt experienced during his first practices in August.

However, if there’s one weather phenomenon most would think a Wisconsin Badger would be prepared for, it’s an ice storm.

As a veteran of dozens of such storms, one would think Watt to be used to making sufficient preparations and applying his relatively frequent experiences to an event Houstonians only see on seldom occasions, right?


Turns out, even an All-Pro defensive end can get caught unprepared.

On Tuesday morning, like millions of other Houstonians, Watt needed to scrape the ice off his car’s windshield.

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Residents of colder climates often keep a tool known as an “ice scraper” in their cars for just such a task.

However, after living in subtropical Texas for the past seven years, Watt never apparently reacquired the valuable tool and became forced to improvise.

Like a super-sized MacGyver, Watt employed the tools he could reach at hand to get the job done: his key chain and a gift card from a famous gas station.

“Woah woah woah, my parents sent me out to scrape the windshield almost everyday when I was a kid! Anyone from WI is an old pro at this. Just never had to do it without a scraper before, so the bucee’s gift card got called into action today. Not nearly as effective FYI,” he posted on social media.

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Watt braved the cold with at least some preparedness, though, showing off his newest winter wear: a full-length flannel-patterned one-piece hooded pajama set.

He added the caption “19 degrees.”

Or, as they call it in Wisconsin, “July.”

Stay warm, weather!

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