Texas’ favorite grocery chain is reportedly planning to open another area store in Southwest Houston’s Meyerland Plaza.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the new location will be 96,000 square feet and house a kosher bakery, something the area’s Jewish residents reportedly repeatedly supported and fought for.

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Although the neighborhood suffered from flooding during Harvey, and twice before the unprecedented effects of the storm, doesn’t seem to be dampening the company’s resolve to build a new store in the area.

This may be related to Meyerland’s reported lack of grocery stores when compared to other neighborhoods; the store will “tap a much larger customer base,” according to Ed Page, managing partner of Streetwise Retail Advisors.

Houston company Fidelis Realty Partners is said to be the buyer of the property, and the store is said to be planned for a lot first announced and designated in 2013 – a space developers said they always intended to house a grocery store.

Company officials say the new H-E-B will represent a $21 million investment, according to the Chronicle, and, given the area’s propensity for flooding, the building will sit on stilts with parking beneath; the land will reportedly be required to conform with several preventative regulations, like extra stormwater retention areas.

Already rumored for some time, residents of the neighborhood say they are largely welcoming of the news of a new H-E-B coming to town, especially since flooding led to the closure of the only other H-E-B close by.

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