Dindr lets Houston swipe to find true love with food because food never leaves you

Tired of your love matches ending in disappointment? Luckily you can now find a soul mate that will never disappoint – food.

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Thanks to the power of social apps, you can now find the food love of your life using the totally useful skills you’ve honed through dating apps. (All those nights of scrolling are about to pay off.)

Aimed at foodies and people who can’t decide what they want to eat for dinner (hint: everyone), the app hails from Austin and launched at SXSW in 2016, but given their recent blog and social media posts, the app is now thriving in H-town.

With Houston’s restaurant scene as flush with great eats as it is, having a little help narrowing down the options might be pretty helpful.

Dindr allows you to scroll through tasty photos of foods from restaurants across the U.S. Users swipe left for foods that don’t stoke their appetite, and right for foods that might be “the ONE” (for dinner).

Based on your selections, Dindr will recommend restaurants and menu dishes that compare to your matches.

If you’re short on time, you can also narrow the photos shown to you by using the app’s filters, which allow you to limit by cuisine, meal type, price, neighborhood, and popularity.

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Through the app, you can also invite friends to go eat with you and “make memories.”

We’re not sure about the memories, but food porn is always a great thing. Here’s to a long, delicious future with the food of our dreams.

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